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How to Make Movies

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upload pics to your movie by clicking here

edit features here under " video tools " where you can change timing etc.,

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How To Start Your Own Blog! ~ Go here!

How to add a Signature to your posts

Step by step directions on How to Start a Blog

Step by Step 'How to Start a Blog - WordPress'
Go to and click on Create a blog.

Fill out the form(you do not need an gmail email address, you can use your hotmail, yahoo..ect) and click continue

Name your blog…get creative! Click continue

Choose the ‘picture window’ starter template and click continue.

Click on start blogging. Congratulations! You set up your blog!

To find out how to post pictures on your blog, click here!

Top 10 How To Blog Sites

Here are some of the more popular sites on how to blog.

1. Copyblogger -  One of the original all-time Bloggers, Brian Clark's blog is mostly focused on the writing aspects of blogging. No matter how effective a writer you are, you can still probably use some copy tips.

 Read The 8 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers 

as an example of one of the hundreds of informative articles from Copyblogger

2. Problogger is probably the next best thing to Copyblogger
- Darren Rowse is one of the Rockstars of the blogging world and his blog is definitely a great place to start to learn blogging and a great place to get informed.
Read his tips on how to start making money with your blog:

 Blog Tips to Help You Make Money Blogging

3. How To Blog With Passion and Power: Site Sketch 101- Nick Cardot is the author of 'BLOGGING to the Third Power' and an amazingly talented and passionate blogger. His blog Sitesketch 101 is becoming one of the most authoritative site for information on how to blog.
Check out Nick's Tips: 5 Great Tips To Becoming a Better Blogger

4. Robin Good’s How to Blog Guide - Robin Good is a great marketer, blogger, and all around internet entrepreneur. This page is definitely one of the authority documents on how to blog:

How To Create A Blog: A Beginner's Guide To Starting A Blog

5. Write to Done - Write to Done is authored by Leo Babauta a genuine internet Cinderella story of blogging and life transformation. Write to done is focused on the lessons learned from developing some of the Internet's most successful blogs. Check out Leo's advice on how to get into the habit of writing:  10 Steps to Create the Habit of Writing

6. Seth Godin’s How to get traffic for your Blog: - Seth Godin is one of Internet's premiere marketers and once you are up and running his guide on how to get traffic to your blog is an essential read as you learn how to blog.

7. How to Build a High-Traffic Blog Without Killing Yourself- From the author of 'The Four Hour Work Week' Tim Ferris has hacks and shortcuts for all kinds of things including blogging. If you're serious about blogging you need to check out his site.

8. Remarkablogger - Michael Martine explains how to make money with your blog. Subscribe to get his '10 Tragic Blogging Mistakes' for FREE

original inspiration via Masters of SEO